UK Replica Omega Seamaster XVI Olympic Watch Ref. 2850SC

In the midst of the Olympic fever currently raging on in Rio de Janerio, we spoke to a true blue Omega collector and good Deployant Friend: George Tan about his very rare cheap replica Omega Seamaster XVI Olympic Watches Ref. 2850SC. And discover a bit more about this beautiful watch, its history and understand more about his fascination with it. The story is told to us by his wife Emilyn Lee.


Many thanks to George Tan for his passion, and to Emilyn Lee for sharing with us the story.

As an Omega die-hard collector, one of the greatest achievement is to own a 1956 Olympic commemorative watch. And an even greater achievement is to have in one’s collection the even rarer pre-commercial version with the Olympic Cross of Merit on its dial. This is the story of both these watches, and George Tan’s fascination and acquisition of this grail watch.

The Omega Ref. 2850SC

We begin at the end, with the Omega Ref. 2850SC. The commercial release. This is a rare watch, and acquired by George for his collection in 2002, after searching for it for six long years.

Omega Ref. 2850SC

The Olympic Cross of Merit is accorded to Omega in 1952 for their outstanding service to the world of sports. Cheap fake Omega watches online UK has been involved with the Games since 1932. A special series of watches were produced to celebrate Omega’s 25 years of official Olympics timekeeping for the Games of the XVI Olympiad held in Melbourne, Australia in 1956. This was the first time the Summer Olympic Games were held in the Southern Hemisphere, and was held in Australian summer months of November/December instead of the usual August. (As a note this year’s Summer Games in Rio de Janerio are being held in August, and is the first time the Summer Games are held during local winter).

Omega Ref. 2850SC-

The reason this piece piqued George Tan’s interest is because it was one of the earliest Olympics commemorative wristwatches; with the earlier editions being largely pocket watches.

This was the Seamaster XVI Olympic Watch, ref. 2850SC comes in a 34mm, 18K rose gold snap back case with special frog-leg lugs.

Encased within it, is Omega’s copper coloured calibre 471 automatic movement. The Calibre 400 series movements were the first to feature a full rotor.

The dial was silvered matt finish with lozenge form appliqué markers with minute markings. The hands were Dauphine styled, and the case had a snap on back with a raised Olympic seal. The case also featured fancy “Frog Leg” lugs.

Omega Ref. 2850SC——

With this watch in his collection, he started acquiring the memorabilia associated with the 1956 Olympics. This included:
– the Omega 1956 Olympics watch advertisement,
– the Instructions papers,
– the official Olympics stamps issued by Omega,
– the unsigned warranty certificate,
– the commercial Olympics wrist watch box (the inner of the box is inscribed “The Olympic – Omega”),
– the best replica Omega leather strap and buckle etc

Enter the very rare pre-commercial Omega Ref. 2850SC

But this was not enough for George. He was even more psyched to acquire the even rarer examples of the Omega XVI Olympiad watch. Omega had produced approximately 100 pieces of a prototypes prior. These were known to collectors as the pre-commercial release series. These were seen with variations on the Cross of Merit where the Olympic rings were either of a single colour or in 5 different colours on the dial. The latter, comprising of five different coloured interlocking Olympic rings, is the rarest; as it is more time-consuming to produce thus fewer in quantity. An example of the Ref. 2850SC with the Medal of Merit and Olympic Rings in one colour was auctioned by Sotheby’s in 19th April 2010 for US$ 5,000. Other examples in auctions with realized prices can be found at this link.


Approximately 100 of these were made as “prototypes”, which collectors now call pre-commercial release watches. And these bore the Olympic Cross of Merit on the dial. These were later recalled by Omega, as it was learnt that they did not have the rights to use the Cross of Merit, and in the commercial release, the dial bore the Roman numeral XVI for 16th Olympiad.


In 2008, George hunted down and bought an example of this pre-commercial model – the one with the Olympic Cross of Merit, with the 5 different coloured interlocking rings on its dial, which we show in the photographs here. This was rarer than the rare.


This was the dial before the major changes were made with the Order of Merit emblem being replaced by the Roman XVI. We see that in this earlier version, the minute track was not present, but the lozange appliqué markers were in the design. The hands were Dauphine shaped but now featured a slit cut in the middle, although examples of Dauphine hands with no slit have also been seen. The case was a snap back water resistant case. The domed crystal and the fancy “Frog Leg” lugs also remain unchanged and add to the charm of the watch.


The movement was the luxury replica Omega Caliber 471 automatic movement, 19 jewels, which Omega retained for the commercial release.

He then sighted the prototype watch box in 2012 in an online auction.


This box is unique to the hundred pieces mentioned above as it has the Olympic Merit of Cross applied on its cover. It is said that this box is even rarer as many would have likely have been misplaced or lost by its owners. A frantic bidding ensued but in the end, George emerged as the winner. Almost immediately, he received several offers to purchase the entire collection.

Despite these offers, George has no intention of selling of his prized collection as yet. He truly enjoys the journeys of watch collecting.


During every Olympic season, this collection becomes the talk of the town among collectors as they remain the only models, apart from 1976 Olympic chrono-quartz edition, to have the Cross of Merit on their case backs.

Swiss Replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project Watch Review

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project reference 311. was the limited edition Speedmaster watch model that Omega introduced at Baselworld 2008. It happens to have one of the most interesting “limited-edition stories” among the modern limited-edition Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches, in my opinion, and it happens to look really cool. I’ll readily admit that my purchase of this watch began with an initial interest when it first debuted, but I didn’t get it until several years later. Lucky for me, I was able to get the last unsold new one here in the US that Omega had. I’ve heard that recently The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project has become a collectors’ favorite, with prices incrementally increasing at auction.

I don’t like to have the same watches as everyone else, even if there is a good reason to have those watches. I’m never shy about suggesting to people that getting an cheap replica Omega Speedmaster watches is a good idea, but for me, I like to wear the ones that are a bit less common. Moreover, I have a soft place in my heart for white-dialed sport watches – and if you haven’t noticed, there aren’t too many of these in the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch family.


Omega still produces Speedmaster Moonwatch models very much like those that went to the moon during the Apollo missions on the wrists of NASA astronauts in the 1960s. What started as a racing watch in the 1950s became the astronaut/space pilot watch after the success of the NASA missions. Think about it, in the years after the moon landing, who didn’t want to wear the same watch as that worn by the guys who went to the moon?


The success of the Omega Speedmaster isn’t just because of history, but also because of its dedication to being a tool watch first, and a “nice watch” second. This isn’t all function and no style, but it works wonderfully as a utilitarian object that just happens to look sexy in the process. Reams have been written about why the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is a must-have for most modern watch lovers, and I won’t seek to reiterate the love and passion that has been thus far communicated for years all over the internet and in watch publications. All I can do is add my own thoughts and experience with Omega Speedmaster watch models.


Omega made the 2008 Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project as a “re-issue” of essentially a few very obscure Omega watches from the past. These are the original Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project watch from 1969/1970 and the later Speedmaster Alaska Project II watch that came a bit later. The 2008 model combines elements from these both. The coolest among these original Alaska Project watches were produced as five prototype watches at the request of NASA who wanted an even beefier timepiece for use in space. NASA was also planning a (never to be realized) mission to the dark side of the moon where temperatures are much cooler.


Therein came the “Alaska Project” name, because much of Alaska is very cold. The watch was developed with an optional red aluminum housing that was meant to offer the watch additional shielding from high and low temperature extremes (as the story goes). According to Omega, the case “shield” offers temperature resistance up to 260 degrees Celsius and down to -148 degrees Celsius. Aluminum apparently has a high thermal retention, so it doesn’t heat up or cool down very quickly. I think that is more important than its actual insulating capacity. The best fake Omega watches red color was also chosen for specific reason – related to either ambient radiation or protection against sunlight.


For the original Alaska Project watches, Omega developed a pusher system in the aluminum doughnut housing which allowed for the chronograph to be operated with it on. Perhaps the most amazing element of the 2008 Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project limited edition watch was that is actually came with specially made aluminum outer-casings that you could wear with the watch (that I sometimes do). This was a very rare addition to a limited edition Omega watch, in that there was a specially designed accessory to go with it aside from the watch case, straps, and tools.


Omega also supplied a nifty white-colored and nicely branded white Velcro strap in addition to the standard steel Speedmaster bracelet with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project. I’ve enjoyed this strap so much, I’ve never actually put the watch on the bracelet (yet)! This strap even came in two sizes, with an additional strap making it more comfortable to wear with the aluminum housing. Omega’s dedication to truly nerding out when it came to designing the presentation for the limited edition luxury fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project is commendable.


I’m never going to be as much of a Speedmaster expert as RJ at Fratello Watches, who covered the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project here. There, you’ll get a bit more history, as well as a picture of the extremely rare Alaska Project II watch that is the only historical one mere mortals could ever wear. Given the round case and mostly black hands, it is arguable that the 2008 Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project is more closely linked with this model than the original, but if you look at the link above you’ll see that the watch doesn’t perfectly match the Alaska Project watch from 2008, especially when it comes to the bezel and the design of the subdials.


An interesting piece of trivia is that the original Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project from about 1970 was a lot more than a white-dialed Speedmaster. It was a serious and expensive project that Omega was using not only to continue their participation in the NASA space missions, but to also improve the Speedmaster’s design and performance. Omega only produced five prototypes, and they were the first watch cases ever to be produced with a solid titanium case.


As you know, these watches never went to space because NASA did not engage in the planned missions to the dark side of the moon, but Omega was eager not to have the entire project be a write-off. So what Omega did was take lessons from the Alaska Project and build them into the “improved” Speedmaster Mk II which was released shortly thereafter. Omega introduced a re-issue (not as a limited edition) of the Speedmaster Mark II back in 2014 (aBlogtoWatch review here), and ironically, that is another modern Speedmaster watch that is part of my collection.


The overall design of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project dial was not only meant to stand up to things like radiation and light better, but was also supposed to improve on the legibility of the Speedmaster dial. It was apparently found that white-dialed sport watches fare better in both bright and dim lighting conditions, and the “space landing pod”-style chronograph subdial hands were intended to help make reading the subdial registers faster and more easy (I think it works). Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I like white-dialed sport watches so much – I do actually find them easier to read… and everyone that knows my watch tastes knows I am fanatically into legibility.


The 2008 reference 311. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project watch was an attractive hybrid taking the best design elements of the standard Speedmaster Moonwatch, the prototype titanium Alaska Project watches from 1970, and the later Alaska Project II watches. This is yet another reason why I feel that it was such a successful design, and it’s easily one of the favorites in my collection.


For me, there are two downsides to the Speedmaster Moonwatch, but without them it would not be the Speedmaster Moonwatch. It is cool to celebrate tradition insofar as being able to enjoy what the smart guys at NASA wore, but there are certain modern conveniences that the core Speedmaster Moonwatch lacks. Further, Omega produces a “family” of Speedmaster models starting with the “original” Speedmaster Moonwatch, and from there others build on the most traditional model with additional design elements and features. With that said, the two things that I most want the Speedmaster Moonwatch to have is a sapphire crystal and an automatic movement.


It isn’t the only modern watch to have an acrylic crystal, but it is one of the few. Actually, the look of these is nice assuming you don’t scratch it up. Scratch tolerance is perhaps the major downside to acrylic crystals, but otherwise they offer a nice “warm” view into the dial and are cheap to replace in addition to being more or less shatter-resistant. Pretty much all other Speedmaster (as well as other modern high-end) watches have sapphire crystals. Again, for “tradition’s sake,” Omega continues to produce the Speedmaster Moonwatches with acrylic crystals, and it just means that if you have one of these watches and wear it often, you’ll likely need to get a new crystal once in a while. I hope that replacing them is still cheap. It used to cost less than $100 (the part itself was about $30 the last time I checked).

Omega continues to produce the core Speedmater Moonwatch with the caliber 1861 manually wound chronograph movement. NASA (at the time) wanted a manually wound movement because they were concerned that in the zero-gravity environment of space automatic rotors would not really do anything. It was later found out that this concern was unfounded, and the kinetic energy of moving your wrist around in space was enough to keep a watch wound via an automatic rotor. I am not sure when this was proven, but it was reaffirmed when Seiko put its Spring Drive Spacewalk timepiece into space around 2008 – ironically, the same year that the limited edition Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project was released.


The caliber 1861 movement is otherwise nice, even though it needs to be manually wound. It operates at 3Hz (21,600bph) and has a power reserve of 45 hours when fully wound. It’s a tough working and reliable movement, but it’s also based on generations-old mechanical movement architecture. It is a good place to start, but personally, for a daily wear I like a more modern automatic movement (as you can find in a host of other Speedmaster models). For me, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project is a cherished part of my collection, but it isn’t by any means a daily wear (it is more of an occasional wear that I look forward to donning from time to time).

Like all Omega Speedmater Moonwatch models, the Alaska Project comes in a nicely sized 42mm- replica Omega watches wide steel case that is 13.55mm thick and water resistant to 50 meters. How cool would it have been if Omega decided to make it in titanium? The case design is an enduring classic, and it looks good on just about anyone. It is also a great case because while it looks fantastic on the classic Speedmaster steel bracelet, the Omega Speedmaster case is one that looks great on a variety of straps only limited by the style and creativity of the wearer.

I didn’t purchase the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project because it was a collector’s item or because it was hard to find. I bought it because I really liked the design, was fond of white-dialed sports watches, and wanted to have an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch without having the same thing as everyone else. There is something to be said for getting the unadulterated black-dialed original, but there is also something to be said for choosing from the wide range of limited editions that Omega has produced over the years.


Omega Speedmasters are currently in a rather healthy collecting environment when it comes to both demand and prices. There is good reason for that, but I really hope that the market doesn’t get crowded by “speculators” looking for increasing values, only to cause an enthusiast-unfriendly bubble from occurring (more so than it is right now).

The reference 311. Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch (Moonwatch) Alaska Project was produced as a limited edition of 1,970 individually numbered pieces. Retail price in 2008 was $5,600.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Omega
>Model: Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Alaska Project Limited Edition reference 311.
>Price: $5,600
>Size: 42mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: NASA and Omega history lover looking for an excellent white-dialed sports watch that exists as an uncommon expression of what makes the Speedmaster so great.
>Best characteristic of watch: Omega did an excellent job bringing back what was great about the incredibly uncommon and mostly not-for-sale Speedmaster Alaska Project models of the 1970s (not to mention the great story) for enjoyment today within the retro-themed Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch collection. Replica Omega white dial looks great and included accessories are very welcome.
>Worst characteristic of watch: White strap will inevitably get dirty with repeated wear. Aluminum case shield is cool but mostly a novelty item in terms of wearability. Omega should really have more white-dialed Speedmaster watches (a true panda dial!) as part of their regular collection.

Swiss AAA+ Replica OMEGA Olympic Games Watches & Historical Exhibition In Santa Clara At CH Premier

Visit CH Premier Jewelers in Santa Clara, CA between July 25th and August 5th 2016 to see the limited time Omega Olympic Games Historical Exhibition. The Olympic Games are the pinnacle of international sporting competitions, attracting athletes and spectators from over 200 countries. This August, the Olympic Summer Games will be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Swiss watchmaker cheap fake aaa+ OMEGA watches will return for the 27th time as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games.

Since 1932, OMEGA’s timekeeping professionals delivered flawless timing to the world’s finest competitors for nearly all the Games. OMEGA has continued to innovate and revolutionize timekeeping technology, developing smarter, more precise technology with each event. OMEGA has made significant advances from the thirty split-second chronograph stopwatches of the 30’s. OMEGA will be taking 450 tons of equipment to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

To celebrate OMEGA’s proud history as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games, and in preparation for Rio 2016, CH Premier Jewelers and OMEGA invite you to view the evolution of timekeeping technology. The exhibition will feature vintage timepieces and timekeeping instruments from the OMEGA Museum.


This chrome-plated timer is mounted on display at the Omega Museum and was used in the 1953 games in events such as athletics, swimming, cycling, skiing, speed skating, bobsleigh, rowing and canoeing. It could time to 1/10th of a second.


A model manufactured especially for the XVIth Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia to celebrate 25 years of uninterrupted timekeeping at the Olympic Games since 1932. The watch has an UK luxury replica omega watches enamel dial, gold dauphine hands and large gold applied indexes. It also has prominent “dog leg” lugs on the case and the caseback is engraved with the Olympic Cross of Merit.


Worn on the shoulder, this chrome-plated timer was created with a red protection box that prevents an accidental stopping of the timer. This model, and others, was used at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. It could time to 1/10th of a second in sports including athletics, swimming, skiing, cross country skiing, water-skiing, bobsleigh, artistic skating, speed skating, cycling, horse racing, rowing, and canoeing.


A Seamaster model created especially for the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway. Offered by OMEGA, as official timekeeper, to the athletes of the Swiss Olympic Team, it was also sold exclusively in Switzerland in a series of highly limited editions and featured the logo of the Swiss Olympic team on the replica Omega watches white dial.


The problem with the traditional pistol was that sound travels slower than light. That meant that the racer closest to the pistol had a slight advantage because they would hear the start signal a fraction of a second before everyone else. OMEGA developed and streamlined an E-GUN composed of a flash gun and sound generation box. Speakers are positioned behind each racer so everyone hears the start signal at the same time. When the starter presses the trigger, a sound is “played”, a light flash is emitted, and a start pulse in given to the timing device.


Just in time for the upcoming Summer Olympics, best fake OMEGA watches online introduces the new “Rio Limited Editions” to their legendary line of Seamasters and Speedmasters – and they are absolutely breathtaking. They say, to wear one of these pieces is like diving “into the ‘cidade maravilhosa’ – the musical rhythm of Rio de Janeiro.” The spirited trilogy pays homage to the hosting city of Rio de Janeiro and exhibits nuances that harmonize the beauties of the city, the spirit of OMEGA and the winning culture of the Olympic Games.

We invite you to explore OMEGA’s rich heritage as the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games through a collection of vintage timepieces and timekeeping instruments since the 1930’s. The exhibition will be displayed in the CH Premier Jewelers OMEGA shop-in-shop for a limited time.

UK Cheap Fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black Watches In Ceramic

Lovers of dive and ceramic watches will rejoice today as Omega debuts the new Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black models as the references (black mostly monochromatic), (blue accents), (red accents), and the in gold and ceramic. This is a valuable extension to the already updated for 2016 Seamaster Planet Ocean watch family with a few interesting twists. Of course, the most important is that the “Deep Black” is the Planet Ocean’s take on the Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon (review here) that very successfully translated the appeal of the Speedmaster’s polished steel case into a polished black ceramic piece.


I have a feeling that Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black watch models will continue in the future with additional models, but at launch the first models offer a unique combination of elements making for a compelling model aside from the new black ceramic case. It is, however, also worth noting that this is the first 600-meter water-resistant dive watch in ceramic that I know of. I don’t know enough about how ceramic handles high pressure, but it is possible that some clever engineering was required to make the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black model possible.


Omega designed the Planet Ocean Deep Black to have a black ceramic case, bezel, as well as dial. The case is one piece of ceramic, and the finishing depends on the model. This isn’t easy to see in the stock pictures, but the 18k Sedna gold and black ceramic models have polished cases, while models like the blue or red accented Deep Black watches have matte-finished cases and dials.


Omega further employs their Liquidmetal or Ceragold (same as Liquidmetal but uses gold) technology on the bezels and crowns to apply the markers and Omega logo. The benefit of this technology is best explained in terms of wear resistance. Rather than print on top of the ceramic material, Liquidmetal used melted metal to fill in channels to create the markers – which will not scratch away. This is a good thing for people who like their watches to look better, longer. When it comes to colors such as red or blue (on those models), Omega uses injected vulcanized rubber as they did on other 2016 Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean models that were debuted at Baselworld.


Omega has been getting extremely serious about refining and improving their existing watches recently, so what models like the new Planet Ocean watches lack in sheer novelty, they make up for in small, notable details and overall improvements. A good example is “Naiad Lock,” which is a new system created by cheap fake Omega for sale to ensure that their ceramic casebacks screw onto the case so that the text is perfectly level with the watch. It is a small detail for sure, but will resonate well with a lot of customers looking for efforts to find perfection in luxury watches. Note that, in addition to being a deep-diving ceramic watch, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black also features a sapphire crystal exhibition caseback – which is not common to find on dive watches at all.


An exhibition caseback is a good thing because we get to see a very admirable movement used in the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black watches. Inside is the in-house made Omega caliber 8906 “Master Chronometer” movement. This automatic Co-Axial movement operates at 3.5Hz (25,200bph) with a power reserve of about 60 hours. This is one of the newer METAS certified movements which also means that it is more or less “fully anti-magnetic.”


This is accomplished by use of non-metallic parts in the movement. The caliber 8906 also features a Silicon balance spring and offers the time, date, and second time zone via a 24-hour GMT hand. This alone makes it an upgrade over the existing Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT (aBlogtoWatch review here). All METAS movements are certified in-house by Omega, but also offer COSC Chronometer certification (even though COSC is at this point inferior to Omega’s METAS certification – as it also is to Rolex’s “Superlative Chronometer” certification).

Replica omega black ceramic dials

Omega decided to combine the largest Seamaster Planet Ocean case size with a GMT complication – which hasn’t been done until now. The Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT originally debuted a new case size in the Planet Ocean collection that was about 43mm wide. It is still my favorite size for the Planet Ocean. For the Deep Ocean (which for some reason doesn’t yet have GMT in the name as of now), Omega uses a 45.5mm wide (17.18mm thick) Planet Ocean case, which is interesting. Of course, given that it is a Planet Ocean, the watch continues to have a helium release valve at 10 o’clock (mostly for style these days).

You’ll also note some dial differences which are important to talk about. The 43mm-wide Planet Ocean GMT has 24-hour marked rotating bezel, while the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black has a traditional 60-minute diver’s bezel. Omega designed a 24-hour scale into the dial itself – making it a nice hybrid solution for many users. The black ceramic dials are given a new style of Arabic numerals for 2016, and the hands are either 18k white or 18k Sedna gold (with SuperLumiNova luminant material).


Omega doesn’t have any shortage of products to sell, but these new Deep Black versions of the Planet Ocean are really nice despite the Omega product catalog being a bit robust. The 2016 Seamaster Planet Ocean watches are easily the best the brand has produced so far, and the combination of aesthetic enhancements with the METAS movements make for a very desirable product. Expect a lot of older Planet Ocean watches to be on the market as fans make room for some of the new ones, be they Deep Black or steel models.


I also like that Omega is very straightforward about the appeal of fake omega watches 18k Sedna (rose) gold UK models which combine the attractive look of gold and black ceramic. Even though they understand these are “real” dive watches, Omega says the “gold model is a lifestyle piece for people who enjoy time on deck.” They join this statement by discussing the overall “in-water” performance of the entire Planet Ocean collection – which is remarkably good when needed for actual diving purposes.

Cheap Fake Omega Planet Ocean Deep Black Watches For Sale Uk

Of course, what many people want to see in the future are black ceramic bracelets from Omega. Will those ever come? Maybe – it all depends on how strong they can design them. For now, the Planet Ocean Deep Black watches come on incredibly comfortable rubber straps, designed to have the textured look of fabric. The new strap looks fantastic, and the deployant buckle actually uses some ceramic parts (such as the buttons and the cover that would touch a table). The rest of the clasp is in black-colored “ceramitized” titanium. The good news here is that even the strap will enjoy more wear resistance thanks to the mostly ceramic exposed hardware.


For me, at least, the black ceramic Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black GMT watches are both technically exciting and visually beautiful. They aren’t cheap, however, and even though Replica Omega Watches UK is offering a lot these days, consumers will need to pay for the privilege of the brand’s newest and most advanced watches (though they do come with a four-year warranty) The three models of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Deep Black in all ceramic (references,, will be priced at 10,400 Swiss francs, while the Deep Black reference in 18k Sedna gold and ceramic will be priced at 13,400 Swiss francs. Look for availability to begin ideally by the end of Summer 2016.

Cheap Replica Ralph Lauren Unveils New 888 Collection for Women and a New Size in the Automotive Line

Last week in New York, Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry Company unveiled an all-new collection of timepieces for 2016. It has been eight years since the brand unveiled its first collection and the new line ushers in new sizes for its iconic Automotive and 867 collections, and witnesses the unveiling of an all-new series for women, called RL888.

Fake Ralph Lauren RL888 Watches with color strap

Deftly blending style and elegance, the all-new ultra-feminine RL888 collection is named in honor of the designer’s flagship store for women at 888 Madison Avenue. The round watches reflect a daring sophistication that underscores Replica Ralph Lauren’s vision of today’s stylish woman.

With an inspiring aesthetic and creative appeal, the 888 Collection features interchangeable straps in a painter’s palette of rich and diverse hues and in a range of materials from alligator to patent leather, grosgrain or satin. There is also the option of a supple metal link bracelet. The interchangeable straps underscore the ability to go from business to casual chic, from boardroom to dining room – changing the color and look of the watch to suit the mood and the moment.


The 888 watches are all sleek and thin, offered in two sizes: 32mm, 38mm. They are powered by quartz movements and offered in polished stainless steel or Cheap Fake Ralph Lauren Watches in 18-Karat Rose Gold. Each watch features either a plain bezel, or a bezel fully set with diamonds, and each is warmly enriched with either a diamond- or amethyst-set crown.

Replica RL888 32mm Rose Gold Watch with Diamond Row and Rose Gold bracelet

The expressive dials, with Breguet hands, boast a unique combination of Arabic and Roman numerals for a hint of surprise and beguiling mystery. This Arabic/Roman dial is one that has become iconic for Fake Ralph Lauren Watches UK. The carefully curated collection of fine timepieces is the epitome quality Swiss craftsmanship, and marks a new, more accessible opening price point for the brand – starting at $1,990 in stainless steel.

Ralph Lauren Automative 39mm

Additionally, Ralph Lauren releases the much-loved Automotive watch in a new 39mm size – making it more broadly appealing to differently sized wrists. Crafted in black steel, the new watch features the coveted burl wood bezel indicative of the Automotive line. This is the series that is inspired by Lauren’s rare 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupes.


The new Automotive 39mm Black Steel timepiece is mysterious and intriguing thanks not only to the shot-blasted gunmetal black stainless steel case, but also to the rich and inviting Amboyna burl wood bezel that is expertly hand cut and finished by artisans to reveal the deep color and twisted, mottled grain of the rare wood. The watch features a black matte galvanic dial with beige Super-LumiNova® numerals and sword-shaped hands that draw the eye inward. Even the crown is gunmetal black shot-blasted steel, a complex and challenging finish to achieve due to its multi-step processes requiring sand- and micro-blasting, chemical and thermal bathing (which also makes it twice as hard as conventional steel cases), and more.

It is powered by the mechanical manual-wind movement (made by Jaeger-LeCoultre for Ralph Lauren) that displays hours, minutes and small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock. It features a convex sapphire crystal coated with an antireflective treatment, and a Smoky sapphire crystal caseback secured with six screws for viewing of the precision movement. The finishing touch: an Fake RL Watch Logo at 12 o’clock that is inspired by vintage racecars. The 39mm size holds all of the artistic and aesthetic details of the 45mm size, right down to the RL logo at 12:00 that is inspired by the vintage racecars. The watch retails for %15,400.


This year will also witness new versions of the square Art Deco-inspired 867 collection with new sizes, supple bracelets. This line, however, will not be out until October, so we will bring you more about it closer to its appearance in stores.

The Cheap Replica Ralph Lauren 888 Ladies’ Collection Watches UK

Ralph Lauren is the king of American luxury retail. He has mastered the world of classic style in fashion and continues to create beautiful and wearable things. It is no different with the brand’s timepieces. Ralph has been producing watches since 2008 and has produced iconic collections, such as the Stirrup, Automotive, and 867 Collection. And now, Fake Ralph Lauren Watches has released the RL888 Collection, the first round watch designed exclusively for women.


Named for the women’s flagship store located at 888 Madison Avenue in Manhattan, the watches in the RL888 Collection feature a slim, round case, and are available in either rose gold or stainless steel and in 32 mm or 38 mm. Additionally, there is a Replica 32 mm Rose-Gold Ralph Lauren Watches version that is set with diamonds and has a rose-cut diamond crown (and just for fun, the plain rose-gold version has a rose-cut amethyst on the crown).


The watches, powered by Swiss-made quartz movement, feature a gorgeous white dial with Roman numerals at the quarter hours and Arabic numerals for the remaining hours. Overall, it’s a fresh look for a ladies’ watch that isn’t too over the top or ostentatious – and the interchangeable straps are a very cool touch. With an easy-to-use pull-and-release lug, you can quickly and easily change your strap with no damage to the lugs or case. There are 44 strap options from fuchsia alligator to subdued navy. The watch is also available with a bracelet.

Ralph Lauren__

Pricing starts at $1,990 with the stainless-steel 32 mm, and these watches will be available in June. For more information visit the Best Replica Ralph Lauren website UK.

UK AAA+ Replica Ralph Lauren – Sporting Classic Chronometer 39mm

The new Sporting Classic Chronometer 39 mm from Replica Ralph Lauren Watches UK has a sporty DNA but with its own style making it suitable also for more formal occasions.


Previously available only in a 44.8 mm size, the Sporting Classic Chronometer is certainly more balanced with the new, smaller-sized 39 mm case.

Water resistant to 100 metres, the polished steel case features six round riveted screws on the bezel – a sporty touch which creates a somehow nice contrast with the black vintage dial with white Roman hour numerals and Breguet-style hands. The small seconds counter at 6 o’clock and the railroad minute ring emphasise the classic look.UK AAA+ Replica Ralph Lauren Watches.


The RL366 automatic movement is a COSC-certified chronometer oscillating at 28,800vph with a power reserve of 42 hours. It is finished with vertical Côtes de Genève stripes and perlage.


Matched to a black alligator strap with pin buckle, the Fake Ralph Lauren Sporting Classic Chronometer 39m has a retail price of around Euro 2,550 / US$ 3,100.

Replica Ralph Lauren Timepieces For The Holidays UK

-Inspired by the excitement and glamour of the holiday season, Ralph Lauren presents pieces from the Chunky Chain fine jewelry collection and two magnificent models from the Replica Ralph Lauren Stirrup Timepiece collection: the handsome 18K rose gold Stirrup Large Chronograph for him and, the stunning 18K white gold Stirrup Petite Diamond Link timepiece fully paved with white diamonds for her.

Introduced in 2009 as a natural extension of Ralph Lauren’s refined equestrian heritage, the Stirrup collection, with its bold stirrup-shaped case coupled with high-quality Swiss movements, instantly became one of Ralph Lauren’s most recognizable icons. The collection reflects the American designer’s philosophy to the core: “The watches I’ve been drawn to represent a passion for design and a respect for tradition and craftsmanship. A watch also represents something personal. It reflects your individuality and taste – from its functionality to its aesthetic.”

The Stirrup Large Chronograph for men brings together the warm luster of a rose gold case with the multiple timing functions of a chronograph. The chronograph pushers and counters have been harmoniously integrated to create a watch that fuses a sporty temperament with classic good looks.

The polished rose gold case frames the off-white lacquered dial, with its large black Roman numerals, railroad-style minute track and small seconds counter at 6 o’clock. The black oxidized sword-shaped hour and minute hands are complemented by the central chronograph hand that tracks the passing seconds. Recording elapsed times, the 30-minute chronograph counter situated at 3 o’clock and the 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock offer precision readings thanks to the impeccable Swiss movement that drives this watch.


Inside the iconic stirrup-shaped case is caliber RL750, a self-winding movement made exclusively for Fake Ralph Lauren Watches by the prestigious Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre. Keeping the hours, minutes, small seconds and chronograph functions in perfect synchronization, the sophisticated column-wheel movement is backed by a robust power reserve of 48 hours. The timepiece is presented on a black alligator strap with a Ralph Lauren Rose Gold Folding Clasp UK and a hypoallergenic and water-resistant black Alsavel lining for additional comfort. A detail that equestrian fans will appreciate is the small black leather flap that attaches the top of the watchcase to the strap, emulating the stirrup leather of a rider’s saddle.

The utmost in luxury, nearly every surface of the high jewelry Stirrup Petite Diamond Link timepiece has been covered with a mantle of 2,017 shimmering white diamonds. The level of craftsmanship required to achieve this mesmerizing full pavé diamond setting on the case, bracelet and crown – with a total weight of 20.35 carats – is extraordinary and reflects Ralph Lauren’s approach to designing women’s watches: “A watch for a woman is a piece of jewelry; it’s an heirloom.”

With a more graceful profile, the 18K white gold case measures a delicate 23.30 x 27mm. The off-white lacquered dial provides an elegant canvas for the classic Roman numerals and sword- shaped hour and minute hands. The Swiss manufacture quartz movement – RL057 – is decorated with vertical Côtes de Genève stripes and ensures unrivaled accuracy and carefree maintenance.


For the ultimate touch of sophisticated glamour, Ralph Lauren presents beautifully crafted pieces from the Chunky Chain fine jewelry collection. Replica Ralph Lauren 18K Rose or White Gold UK, this collection offers bracelets in varying widths, with links in an array of shapes and a choice of diamonds for highly versatile, personalized combinations. The Chunky 3-Chain Bracelet unites three styles of chains for a rich and dramatic effect. The collection also features an ID bracelet with a double chain of rose gold links and the possibility of having your name in diamonds. Chain-link rings are offered in polished white or rose gold, with a choice of glistening pavé diamonds or vibrant gemstones set in the center of the ring.

Replica Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari Chronometers Watches UK

The romance of safari is a dream that I have returned to many times. It is an adventure, a world of refinement set against a rugged and powerful landscape.
— Replica Ralph Lauren Watches

In 1984, Ralph Lauren introduced his first Safari apparel collection — a groundbreaking fusion of the spirit of travel and adventure with an effortless and timeless elegance. Today, he continues to expand his signature aesthetic with two new models of the Fake Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari Chronometer timepiece.

The RL67 Safari Chronometer with khaki-colored dial carries on the integration of design motifs expressive of the Safari collection. Possessing a uniquely vintage look, this timepiece has an aged steel case made possible by a technical treatment that transforms the blackened steel into a sublime patina.

The azuré matte-varnished khaki dial glows with a warm subdued light and complements the case with black Super-LumiNova® hour and minute hands. Adding to the utilitarian look is a bright orange second hand that points to bold Arabic numerals. Under the screwed-down case back is the mechanical self-winding Caliber RL300-1 with a power reserve of 42 hours.

Each movement is certified by the COSC, the independent Swiss testing center that uses rigorous standards to ensure the reliability and precision of watches. The movement is also hand-decorated with vertical Côtes de Genève stripes and circular graining known as perlage. Water resistant to 10 bar, this timepiece is available in both 45mm and 39mm case sizes and offered on a luxurious brown alligator strap.

The RL67 Safari Chronometer with camouflage dial is another striking new edition to the Safari timepiece collection. The azuré camouflage pattern on the dial is an extension of Ralph Lauren’s well-known ability to combine elegance and fashion with utility. As with all RL67 Safari Chronometer models, the model with camouflage dial features a case with an aged blackened steel finish, and houses the RL300-1 self-winding chronometer movement. Offered on a dark olive green alligator strap, it is also available in both 45mm and 39mm case sizes.


Launched in 2013, Ralph Lauren’s first RL67 Safari Chronometer watch featured an azuré anthracite dial finished with a matte varnish. The signature blackened aged finish on the stainless steel case was intended to express the integrity of a beautifully made tool intended for daily use. The original RL67 Safari Chronometer is also available in both 45mm and 39mm case sizes, and is beautifully finished with a faded olive green canvas strap that pays tribute to the visual accents of an explorer’s shoulder bag.

An additional selection of canvas straps is available separately, including blue, black and faded versions known as watered down — all lined with leather. Each of these colors, including the classic olive green, was carefully chosen by Cheap Fake Ralph Lauren Watches UK to convey the authentic spirit of safari and the appeal of a well-worn canvas strap.

The robust aged black steel cases, understated refinement and practical details, such as the clear dial display and precision movement, make these Ralph Lauren RL67 Safari Chronometers the ideal timepieces for any adventure. When I started out as a designer, I dreamed of going to Africa, to safari, says Ralph Lauren. Safari is about living the life you want and pushing yourself beyond your limitations. It’s the dream of experiencing the wild and seeing the farthest reaches of the world.

Ralph Lauren_safari watches_collage_squareLaunched in 2008, the Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry Company, S.A.R.L., is a joint venture between Ralph Lauren and Richemont, two leading companies in the global luxury market. In this unique partnership, Ralph Lauren and Richemont design, manufacture and distribute luxury watches and fine jewelry through select Ralph Lauren boutiques and the finest independent watch and jewelry retailers worldwide.

The watch collections feature the highest-quality Swiss Made manufacture movements and Ralph Lauren’s most iconic inspirations, from the Ralph Lauren Stirrup watches to the Slim Classique and 867 timepieces to the Sporting, Safari and Automotive collections. Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry includes the signature Camouflage Dial Replica Ralph Lauren Equestrian UK, Diamond Link and Chunky Chain collections, handcrafted with the finest materials and techniques.

Replica Ralph Lauren 45mm Flying Tourbillon Steel Watches UK

The Ralph Lauren 45mm Flying Tourbillon Steel is the centerpiece from the watchmaker’s Safari collection. The watch is decorated with vertical Côtes de Genève and each timepiece is presented in the signature Cheap Replica Ralph Lauren Watches alligator-embossed watch box. The dial displays hours, minutes and flying tourbillon. The 44.8mm shot-blasted stainless steel case is powered by the RL 167 mechanical self-winding movement. The hour and minute hands are sword-shaped with shiny black oxidized with beige Super-Luminova® printed on the hands. The watch is placed on Replica Ralph Lauren Black Alligator Strap, and the closure is a shot-blasted stainless steel pin buckle.

About Replica Ralph Lauren Watches


Unveiled at SIHH in 2009, Replica Ralph Lauren Timepieces Watches UK are created in the purest tradition of Swiss watchmaking by master artisans. These precision instruments contain movements manufactured within the Richemont Group, using only the finest materials. Both modern and timeless, Fake Ralph Lauren Watches are the ultimate expression of the Ralph Lauren lifestyle. Lauren notes, I have waited a long time to create and introduce timepieces that I feel exemplify the ultimate in luxury and quality. Discover more here.